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Northeast Waste Management Ltd. offers a variety of waste management services for residential and commercial customers. Our experienced crew can help clean and maintain your septic system, mud pit, grease traps and water/sewer mains. We also provide hydro excavating and trenching to safely expose piping for maintenance, repair or replacement.

Northeast Waste Management Ltd. offers free estimates and high quality work at affordable prices. Contact us today for a quote or to discuss the septic services you may require! A member of our team will be available to fit you with an appointment that works best for you.

Septic Services


Northeast Waste Management Ltd. will keep your septic system operating properly. Our experienced team provides septic tank pumping and cleaning, sewer line repair, septic pump repair, and more. We also offer power snaking to help clear blockages and clogs from your system. Trust your septic system maintenance to us!

Hydro Excavating & Trenching

Water Pipe

Hydro excavation is an efficient alternate method of digging, utilizing pressured water to create the hole or trench. This is simultaneously done with a vacuum to clear away the soil being removed. Utilities and a host of other major industries use Hydro excavation to precisely open an area or trench around pipes and other sensitive areas.

Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning

Pressure Washer

Northeast Waste Management Ltd. utilizes efficient pressure washing (or “hydro blasting”) to direct a highly-pressurized water solution at a surface. A special solution is added to give the water a slightly abrasive quality. Pressure washing dislodges paint and industrial deposits while leaving the original surface unharmed.
Steam cleaning is used much the same way as pressure washing. Pressurized steam is applied to the surface and since steam is hotter than water, it is sometimes more effective in removing certain types of paint and other surface deposits.

Mud Pits & Grease Traps

Septic Line

It is important that mud pits and grease traps be periodically cleaned out. Grease, sludge and other liquid waste can build up over time, leading to clogs, unpleasant odors and unsafe operating conditions. Contact Northeast Waste Management Ltd. for professional grease and mud pit cleaning and maintenance.

Root Cutting


We all love big trees but we don’t love what they can do to underground pipes. Over time a tree’s roots can infiltrate the walls of the pipe, causing serious clogs that impede the flow of the pipe’s contents. This can eventually lead to sink and sewer backups. Northeast Waste Management Ltd. has state-of-the-art tools and expertise to cut away roots that are clogging the pipe, restoring flow once more.

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